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A Study on Position of Governor under Indian Constitution

Author :
  • Zeeshan Rahmani
With the recent active roles played by the Governors of different states, there is a need to understand the powers and role of Governor as envisaged by the Indian Constitution. Governor is the Chief Executive official of the state. The Executive power of the state is vested in him and all executive actions are taken in his name in accordance with the Constitution. Governors of Indian states have been vested with powers and functions at the state level as that of the President at the capital. This paper tends to analyze the position of Governor as the Constitutional head of the state in the backdrop of federalism. The paper analyzes the legal position of Governor with the help of case law. The researcher has placed an exclusive reliance on Article 356 since it has been alleged that the office of Governor has been misused by the Centre by its unwarranted application. This is followed by a reference to those instances where there is a prima facie misuse of this provision.
Keywords : Governor, Executive Head, Powers, Discretion, Constitution
Volume 1 | Issue 1