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A Study on Quasi-Contracts

Author :
  • Fredalynn Kyndiah
Though the Indian contract Act, 1872 does not define quasi contract, it calls them relation resembling those of contracts. However, a quasi-contract may be defined as, a transaction in which there is no contract between the parties; the law creates certain rights and obligation between them which are similar to those created by a contract. Quasi contract consists of the Contractual Obligation which is entered upon not because the parties have consented to it but because law does not allow a person to have unjustified benefit at the cost of other party. The liability exists in quasi contracts mainly on the basis of the doctrine of unjust enrichment. Thus, this study is for better understanding of the concept of a quasi-contract and to perceive when liability arises in a quasi-contract and the position of Quasi contracts in the Indian Context.
Keywords : Contract Act, Unjust Enrichment, Quasi-Contracts, liability
Volume 1 | Issue 1