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A Review on Protection of Geographical Indications

Author :
  • Iqmaaz Matloob
All these inventions are largely a result of human intellect i.e., creation of mind coming within the domain of intellectual property rights. One such property is Geographical Indications. Certain products have certain unique characteristic found in them due the source of their production such as quality, reputations etc. Hence a geographical indication (GI) as the name suggest are indications of geographical locations having a distinct taste, quality attributable to their source. As GI products garner more attention and market, the immediate profit, along with the long-term benefits can boost the rural economy. Gastronomy, tourism, brand expansion are some of the subsidiary fruits of GI. Therefore, there is a need to understand and appreciate the GI tags and the relating legal protection. Parallely, there is also the need to propagate the awareness relating to GI and the relevant regional protection.
Keywords : Geographical indication, GI tags, reputation, quality, IPR, TRIPS
Volume 1 | Issue 4