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Data Protection and Privacy

Author :
  • Yash Bhushan
Privacy of an Individual on the Internet is considered a myth. Data protection is the protection of assortment and dispersal of personal information of the users from the internet from the big private tech companies and even from the government, in order to create a surveillance state. With the declaration of Right to Privacy as a fundamental Right in the Puttaswamy judgement delivered by the Supreme Court, every aspect of the meaning of privacy was changed in India. India also needed new laws for the protection of privacy of Individuals. Srikrishna Committee was established for making of such data protection laws in the Country and gave its response in the form of a draft bill known as the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 which is yet to be passed from the Parliament. It’s based on the European guidelines one of the strictest laws on data protection laws around the world. The bill gives certain rights such as right to access, confirm, ratification, modification, forgotten etc. which is much needed in this current era. This paper provides an overview on the importance and need of data protection, the steps taken by the government in this regard, the government reports on this and the relation of data protection and privacy with reference to the judgement of the Supreme court.
Keywords : Data Protection, Privacy, Right, committee, K.S. Puttaswami
Volume 1 | Issue 4