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Pertinance of Customary Divorce among Thiyya Community in North Malabar of Kerala

Author :
  • Yamuna V J
Marriage is considered as a sacred union in Hindu religion. The common percept regarding the Hindu marriage is that divorce is not known to Hindus because of the sacred nature of the marriage. The knowledge regarding the practice of a special kind of customary divorce among the Hindu community (Thiyya) is quite surprising to the present legal scenario. The custom was wholly acceptable by the society and people were actively following this custom to get out of their wedlock. They could actively practice this mode of divorce due to the presence of ‘Marumakkathayam’ system in the society. The analysis of different aspects of this special form of divorce, would give a different dimension to the ongoing legal thought.
Keywords : Kerala, North Malabar, Thiyya Community, Marumakkathayam, Customary Divorce
Volume 1 | Issue 4